Scheduling new product investigations to take place during an industry convention can fine-tune your customer research because …

  • You can connect with respondents from many geographic areas, without the travel budget.
  • You can do a series of interviews or groups within a short timeframe – typically 2 to 3 days.
  • Your marketing, product development, sales and upper management teams will probably be there for the trade show, and available to watch and participate in customer studies.


Professional Market Access regularly holds a booth in the exhibit hall of major medical, technical and professional conventions, staffed with seasoned and energetic recruiters.

Our staff knows how to carefully and respectfully engage your VOC targets during exhibit hall hours, and schedule them using your screener and timeframe.

With our name on the booth, you and your company remain anonymous to the respondents. And we can make sure each qualified respondent gets a follow-up text or call to be sure they arrive for their interview on time. We can easily handle payment of honoraria, and confidentiality agreements as well.

If you need meeting/interviewing space at a convention, PMA can help. Click here.

Looking ahead for medical and professional conventions? Which one of these is your target for 2018 and 2019?

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