We believe that moderators and observers have their own jobs to do, and should not be distracted with managing respondents’ last-minute schedule issues, transportation details, and the like.

Professional Market Access allows you to prepare for your interview series or group discussion, conduct your research, and move quickly to debriefs and rapid summaries.

Here are some of the many ways you and your high-level respondents can benefit from PMA’s comprehensive respondent support.

Schedule Updates and Changes

Medical professionals and business executives work with tight and sometimes unpredictable schedules.  If your orthopedic surgeon is suddenly delayed by a trauma case, or your technology expert is delayed by a conference call, you need PMA to maintain contact, arrange for altered travel arrangements (or a substitute respondent), and keep your project moving ahead.


PMA can supply a qualified manager to stay in touch with respondents as they travel, text directions to them and their driver, and meet them at the conference venue.  You will never need to worry about whether a respondent is on their way, or is able to find your meeting room at a resort hotel.

Confidentiality Agreements

Evaluation of your new technologies requires that your respondents know enough to to be covered by an NDA.  We have simple and comprehensive forms — you can choose — and we will obtain signatures and provide these documents to you at the end of the project.

Payment of Incentives

We can cut the checks and distribute them, in our company name (not yours) — but more importantly, we can offer guidance on appropriate amounts for the various types of respondents you may have in mind.  PMA staff are skilled in diplomatically communicating with professionals about these financial matters.

Travel Arrangements

If your company does not have an in-house travel office, PMA is prepared to communicate with respondents about their travel schedules and airline preferences, and make proper arrangements.

We’ll also see to it that they have a straightforward way to arrive at the meeting venue, and return on time.

Cost records will of course be provided to you at the end of the project.