Who do you need to properly evaluate your product concepts, new services, pricing changes, and new technologies?

  • Highly specialized physicians?
  • Business managers in uncommon fields of industry?
  • Research scientists in a cutting-edge technology arena?

We know how to find them, screen their qualifications, and schedule them for your interviews or group discussions, by phone or in person.

When focus group facilities and consumer market research companies are not able to deliver what you need in highly specialized respondents, Professional Market Access is ready to step in.

Working with PMA you will always have these benefits:

  1. We’ll review your screeners and your project goals with you, and offer guidance when needed, to focus on a well-defined set of prospective respondents.
  2. We’ll network into the best segments of healthcare, industrial, or other professional markets, building our contact base until we can deliver on your goals.
  3. Challenging recruits can generate new information and surprises.  We’ll conference with you and your team regularly to let you know what we are learning, and help you modify as needed and manage internal expectations.
  4. We stay in close touch with respondents until they arrive for their market research session.  We make sure they remember their appointment time and location, and help with re-schedules and replacements when needed.
  5. As your schedule fills out, we’ll keep you up to date with screening grids.  You are always able to see the respondents’ answers to screening questions, and re-confirm if needed.

Give us a try.  You’ll be glad you did.